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ChargePlay Base

Wireless charging to keep your gear ready for action.

ChargePlay Base

ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger

The HyperX ChargePlay Base™ ensures your gear is good to go by safely and rapidly charging up to two wireless devices1. Never leave the house with low charge again. Simply set your phone, mouse, headset, or other Qi-enabled mobile device on the versatile Qi Certified charger for convenient wireless charging. Individual LED indicators display your devices’ charging status.

HyperX ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger


  • Charges two devices simultaneously
  • Rapid wireless charging1
  • Case friendly
  • LED charging indicators
  • Reliable Qi Certified charger
  • Multi-device compatibility

Key Features

Charges two devices simultaneously

Charges two devices simultaneously

Built with dual wireless charging surfaces to charge two devices at once. Features rubberized pads for stable placement.

Rapid wireless charging

Rapid wireless charging1

Cut the clutter with quick, convenient wireless charging.

Case friendly

Case friendly

Engineered to charge through most lightweight phone cases.2

LED charging indicators

LED charging indicators

Individual LEDs stay lit when charging and turn off when fully charged.3

Reliable Qi Certified charger

Reliable Qi Certified charger

Independently tested to meet Qi certification, so you can be confident your device is charging safely.

Multi-device compatibility

Multi-device compatibility

Versatile wireless charger that can be used on a multitude of products, such as phones, mice, and headsets.4

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  • Specifications
Number of devices: 2 Qi-enabled Devices
Qi Output: Up to 15W total1
Indicators: 2 LED indicators
AC adapter: 24W (5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/2A)
Cable Type: USB Type-C
Cable Length: 1.8m
Dimension: 215.04mm x 90.91mm x 17.36mm
Weight (without cable): 135g
Total Weight: 254.3g

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