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HyperX 游戏产品功能丰富,为 PlayStation 游戏玩家带来更好的游戏体验。

我们的 PlayStation® 配件助您全身心投入游戏。HyperX 标志性记忆海绵,即便长时间游戏也能让您心无旁骛,尽享舒适。我们的降噪麦克风让您与朋友清晰顺畅地交流沟通。无线耳机摒弃了缠绕的线缆,保留了出色的音频和沟通效果,实现稳定可靠的连接。借助我们的控制器充电站,始终都有额外的无线控制器随时待命。HyperX 产品严选结实耐用的材料并经过层层测试,性能可靠,是您日复一日畅玩游戏的信赖之选。

Offer subject to change without notice. Offer valid between 09/17/2021 9:00am (PST) and 09/26/2021 11:59:59pm (PST). Offer good while supplies last. Offer open to residents of the United States via online purchase through the HyperX website. Offer not transferable. This offer may not be combined with any other offers. All rights reserved.

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