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申请保固换货 (RMA)

您的 HyperX 产品
请根据闪存产品的容量选择产品型号。产品型号也可能会根据特定设计而有所不同(例如 DT109B/16GB 和 DT109K/16GB)。

如果产品包含多个组件(例如 USB 闪存盘包含的盘盖和挂链),那这种情况应视作一件产品,您应该在此字段中输入“1”。
大多数内存产品都包含ID号码。该编号用于帮助识别您的产品。 请参考下面的图示定位HyperX内存产品上的ID号码。


    ID号码示例: 9911111-111.A11LF

请注意:可能没有 (99) 和/或 (LF)
这里指您搭配HyperX产品使用的计算机、主板或其他设备(例如 Apple、Asus、Samsung、Toshiba 等)的制造商。而不是指HyperX自身。
这里指计算机、主板或其他设备的型号(例如 iPhone 5、Sabertooth Z87、Galaxy S4、Satellite S55-A5352 等)。
Standard replacement:
Customer returns the defective product to Kingston before the replacement part is shipped. Subject to availability, the replacement part will be shipped to the customer on the following business day of the product being received. All requests are processed within 2 business days.

Advanced Replacement:
Advanced replacement can be requested if replacement parts are needed immediately. Requesting this option will imply the customer has the defective part(s) and will ship them back to Kingston within 10 calendar days after receiving the replacement. A Credit Card is required (no debit cards) A hold will be applied for the list price of the item being shipped. If defective parts are not received, Kingston will charge the account accordingly. For product that has a MSRP of $1000.00 or greater, the credit card will be charged. Upon the return of the defective product, the charges will be reversed. Requests received after 5:00PM PST will be processed the following business day. By selecting this option the customer agrees to the above conditions. **Debit cards are not recommended as the placement of the hold will remove that amount from the "available balance" of the account. **

Discontinued Part Process:
Products that are no longer manufactured by Kingston, but are still under warranty will need to be returned first. Advanced replacements (cross-ships) are not available for discontinued parts. Based on availability, Kingston will ship either a new or recertified part as replacement. If replacement is not available, Kingston reserves the right to offer a different part of equal or lesser value as replacement.