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Location Montpellier, Occitanie, France
Platform PC
Favorite games Total War, Age of Empires

Like many gamers who had siblings, Sébastien "AlphaCast" Ferez, had a problem growing up, too many siblings competing for gaming time. Despite having to share time on the gaming PC with his brother, he still found hundreds of hours to pour into classics like Crimson Skies, Age of Empires 2, Midtown Madness, and Half-Life. Soon, Sébastien would acquire a taste for the competitive side of gaming, and he began getting into Starcraft, Tribes: Vengeance, Unreal Tournament, and Battlefield 2.

AlphaCast is probably best known for his accomplishments in the French Overwatch community. In 2016, he was named the captain of the French team for the inaugural Overwatch World Cup. Despite their team having fewer professional players than other nations, they advanced to the quarterfinals before falling to team Russia. He also serves as one of the French casters for the Overwatch League. However, AlphaCast still has a fondness for a diverse variety of games and game genres, something on full display when he and fellow pirates Locklear, Eventis, and DeGuN snatched the gold as European Twitch Rivals champions for Sea of Thieves.

Sébastien also has a soft spot for charity, participating in the ZEvent charity stream from 2017-2019. As part of a team of streamers, he helped raise money for The French Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the Pasteur Institute. The 2019 iteration of ZEvent broke the record for the most money raised for charity on Twitch and garnered President Emmanuel Macron’s praise for the initiative.

These days, you’ll probably find AlphaCast on his stream doing fun shoutcasting for non-pro events, playing more narrative-heavy or grand strategy games, and exploring the frontiers of VR for his audience of over 400k followers. As someone who enjoys such a wide variety of games, AlphaCast is very familiar with the difference a comfortable headset, a precision mouse, and a responsive keyboard can provide. That’s why he chooses HyperX. Whether he’s getting ready to click on heads, or being immersed in a great single-player game, HyperX provides the quality gaming gear that helps enhance his entertainment.