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What does game mode do on this keyboard?

Game mode disables the Windows key. This ensures that if you accidentally hit this key, you are not taken out of your game and back into Windows. To enable or disable game mode, press FN + F12. A game mode light is located in the upper-right corner to indicate if it is on or off. This takes the place of the scroll lock light indicator.

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Why does the keyboard cable have two USB connectors?

One connector is for the keyboard itself. The second connector is used to power the charging port on the cable. This port gets some power from just the single USB connector, but it needs the second connector to provide enough power to charge a mobile device.

FAQ: KHX-082616-KB-02
What is key rollover? How can it be adjusted?

Key rollover is a feature that allows every key pressed to be registered correctly. Your HyperX keyboard offers two modes: 6KRO and NKRO. With 6KRO mode, up to 6 keys and 4 modifiers keys (Windows, Alt, Ctrl, Shift) can be pressed and correctly registered at the same time. When you switch to NKRO mode, you can press every key on your keyboard and they will all be registered correctly.

6KRO mode is enabled by default.
You can switch to NKRO by pressing FN + Delete.
To go back to 6KRO, press FN + Insert

FAQ: KHX-082616-KB-03
How can I reset all the custom settings back to default?

You can perform a factory reset of you keyboard by pressing and holding FN + ESC until the keyboard backlight flashes once.

FAQ: KHX-082616-KB-04

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