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Once Cloud Chat has been assembled, can it be taken apart?
No. Attempting to remove the headband after it has been attached can result in damage to the product. FAQ: HX-001001-CC-100
Do I use the Cloud Chat on my left or right ear?
The microphone can be positioned on either side of the earcup, allowing the headset to be used the left and/or right ear. FAQ: HX-001001-CC-101
If only chat audio is being output to HyperX Cloud Chat headset, how will I hear my game audio?
Cloud Chat is a semi-open design, allowing the sound from your TV speakers and/or sound system to be heard while wearing the headset. FAQ: HX-001001-CC-102
I can only hear chat audio when using CloudX chat. Why?
By design, Xbox One detects when a chat headset is connected and in turn will only output chat audio. Unfortunately, there is no workaround at this time. FAQ: HX-001001-CX-100

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