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RGBe You

Celebrating finding oneself, loving oneself, and loving others

RGBe You

Life is an epic journey.

We start with a destination in mind, but as we level up, we learn that there’s a wider variety of cool classes, builds, and side quests than we imagined. At HyperX, we’re proud to cheer everyone along their continual quest to find themselves.

We'd also like to shine some of the spotlight on some cool individuals that are part of the LGBTQ+ gaming community that we’d think you’d really enjoy watching.

Be proud of your own individual journey and know that we’ll be celebrating you along the way.

HyperX Pridestream

HyperX Pridestream

Come celebrate our amazing LGBTQ+ gaming community during our HyperX Pridestream on June 25th! We’ll be featuring some LGBTQ+ streamers throughout the day and raising money for Stonewall Community Foundation. From June 25th-28th, 10% of proceeds from our RGB products will also be donated to Stonewall. We also hope for you to participate in any way you can. Catch us on the HyperX Twitch channel!

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