Our US HyperX Care Team will be shutting down early on Wednesday, 11/24 12pm PST, and will be closed on Thursday, 11/25 and Friday, 11/26 as we observe the Thanksgiving holiday.
All orders placed after 11:00 am (PST) on Wednesday November 24th will not be processed until Monday November 29th.

USA, we are now selling direct!

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HyperX 整新品是宣傳開箱或鑑賞期內以及其他原因退回的產品,重新包裝後以優惠價格販售。產品均經過測試,確保功能完整正常,但可能偶爾會出現輕微瑕疵。 整新品提供 90 天保固。更多保固資訊,請前往 hyperxgaming.com/wa