Location Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX), Mexico
Platform PlayStation/Xbox/Nintendo
Favorite games Metal Gear Solid, God of War

Video games have been in Fedelobo’s blood since he was a young child growing up in Mexico City. At age 5 his father started working in the arcade industry, and young Fedelobo found himself exposed some of the great early token-munchers like Captain Commando, Street Fighter II, and Mortal Kombat.

As he grew up, he imagined that he’d possibly work at a video game magazine, or possibly as a game journalist on television. He probably didn’t expect that he’d be doing it over the internet with a YouTube subscriber base of over 4.6 million people tuning in to see him and his love for video games. On his own channel, or when he’s with his collaborators from Amor Sin Distancia, Fedelobo tries to spread inspiration, love, and passion to his viewers.

Someone who enjoys their gaming entertainment as much as Fedelobo knows that great gaming gear just makes every aspect of gaming better. From the superior audio quality, comfort, and immersion of HyperX gaming headsets, to the high-performance HyperX SSDs and DRAM that get him into games quicker, to the convenience of HyperX ChargePlay power products, Fedelobo trusts his gaming to HyperX.

If you catch Fedelobo on Twitch or YouTube, you’ll probably catch him playing a single player game, trying to entertain his crowd. He might not enjoy multiplayer games, but he certainly loves gaming with friends and the HyperX Family.

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