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We have some updates to share. A solution to the spacing issue mentioned below has been implemented and updated versions of the Pulsefire Surge are now shipping. See the chart below for when it will be available in your region.

Country Available to Purchase
Japan 5/18
US 5/21
Taiwan 5/28
China 6/4
Russia 6/4
Sweden 6/4
Czech Republic 6/4
Germany 6/11
UK 6/18
France 6/18
Denmark 7/2
Finland 7/2
Iceland 7/2
Norway 7/2
Spain 7/2
Brazil 7/2
Argentina 7/2

Check your nearest etailer/retailer for availability

HyperX Pulsefire Surge

Product Improvement

HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse

HyperX released the new Pulsefire Surge RGB gaming mouse on April 9th and have received feedback from our gaming community that the inner edges of the left and right buttons may touch, particularly when using the mouse with a claw grip.

We take great pride in delivering gaming peripherals that are of the utmost quality and are taking full responsibility for this product falling short of our standards. To ensure that all gamers are satisfied with the quality of our new gaming mouse, we have suspended sales until we have a resolution in place.

We are currently working on a design solution that involves widening the spacing between the buttons. This will take approximately 6-8 weeks to implement and get to customers.

Pulsefire Mouse Gap Fix


Only a small number of these have made their way into customers' hands in the limited days since launch, and we are committed to making sure all those affected are taken care of.

Is my mouse affected?

Check the underside of the mouse to see the product label with a lot code imprinted on it.

Lot Number Location

If your mouse has a lot code of 0841711001 to 0841802005 it is part of the affected batch.

How do I get a replacement?

If you own this mouse and are experiencing this issue with the buttons and would like a replacement, please fill out the form below:

Contact Information

We'd like to thank all of our customers for their purchase of a HyperX product and for being part of the #hyperxfamily.