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My HyperX cloud headset does not work properly after updating to Windows 10. It still works OK in other systems or devices. How do I resolve this?
The update may have disabled the microphone in the Windows privacy settings. Use the following steps to re-enable the microphone.

Windows Key+I > Privacy > Microphone
1. Set allow access to the Microphone on this device
2. Allow apps to access your microphone - Make it ON
3. Choose which apps can access your Microphone - If needed make required to ON.

This may be related to the audio drivers on your computer. Please check for the latest Windows 10 drivers for your computer or motherboard from your system manufacturer's support site.

FAQ: KHX-082115-HDST-09
What devices can I use the Cloud Flight headset with?
This headset is geared to PC and PS4 gamers. But it will likely work with any device that supports USB audio. But that excludes the Xbox One console as it does not support USB audio. FAQ: KHX-010518-HSCF-01
What is the range of the wireless signal for the Cloud Flight?
20 meters (65 feet) is the effective wireless range in optimal conditions. Environmental conditions such as obstacles, interference from other wireless signals, etc., will reduce the effective range. FAQ: KHX-010518-HSCF-02
How long will the battery last on a full charge? How does the lighting on the headset affect battery life?
If the light on the headset is turned off and the volume is at 50%, the battery should last about 30 hours. The battery will drain faster if you have the volume higher or the lighting effects turned on. By default, the light will be on when the headset is turned on. Short press the power button to turn the headset on and cycle through the other lighting effects (breathing and off). FAQ: KHX-010518-HSCF-03
Can the microphone be used when connected to a device using the provided cable rather than wirelessly?
The wired connection does not allow for microphone function. It only allows for speaker function. FAQ: KHX-010518-HSCF-04
If the USB adapter fails or is lost, how do I pair a replacement adapter with my headset?
You can pair the adapter with the headset manually using the steps below:

1. Turn off the headset.

2. Long press the power button for 10 seconds to enter the pairing mode.

3. The headset ear cup LED will be fast blinking.

4. Plug the USB wireless adapter to a PC.

5. Use a small pin to press the small button on the back side of the USB wireless adapter.

6. The USB wireless adapter LED will be fast blinking.

7. When the LED on the USB wireless adapter and the headset ear cup is solid, pairing is completed. FAQ: KHX-010518-HSCF-05
How can I tell if the mic is muted or the battery is running low?
The headset will emit beep tones to indicate status for power, microphone mute, volume and remaining battery charge.

Power on One tone (high)
power off Two tones (high to low)
Microphone mute Two tones (high)
Microphone active One tone (high)
Reaching maximum volume Three tones (high)
Reaching minimum volume Three tones (low)
20% battery remaining Two tones (mid)
10% battery remaining Three tones (mid)
5% battery remaining Five tones (mid, low, mid, low, mid)
FAQ: KHX-010518-HSCF-06
Can I use my Wireless HyperX Cloud headset while charging it with the provided USB charging cable?
Yes. However, for best user experience we do not recommend charging the headset during use due to possible white noise (static). FAQ: HX-001001-WI-001

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Will this headset work with my mobile device?

Our headsets will work with most mobile devices using the 3.5 mm headset jack.

There are two headset audio jack standards, Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) and Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP). Our headsets use a CTIA standard connector which will work with the majority of mobile devices. Some mobile devices use the OMTP connector standard, if your mobile device uses an OMTP standard connector, you may experience connection issues. You can purchase a third party adapter cable to use the headset with an OMTP device.

FAQ: KHX-051515-HDST-08
I cannot hear sound from the headphones or I am not getting any response from the microphone. How do I resolve this problem?

Make sure all of the connections are correct

- Check that the microphone is plugged all the way into the head set.

- If you can verify that audio connections are working using an alternate microphone and speakers.

-See if the headset works with another computer or device.

- Check your audio settings to make sure the speakers and microphone are enabled and not muted or volume turned down too low. In many cases, the microphone on a computer is disabled or muted.

- Try to disable any audio software specifically for your audio adapter or other third party audio software and use the default audio controls in your operating system.

-Check the audio settings in the game or application you are using. If you have tried the steps above and the headphones or microphone are still not working, please contact Kingston technical support for assistance.

FAQ: KHX-072115-HSCC-01

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