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I cannot hear sound from the headphones or I am not getting any response from the microphone. How do I resolve this problem?

Make sure all of the connections are correct

- Check that the microphone is plugged all the way into the head set.

- If you can verify that audio connections are working using an alternate microphone and speakers.

-See if the headset works with another computer or device.

- Check your audio settings to make sure the speakers and microphone are enabled and not muted or volume turned down too low. In many cases, the microphone on a computer is disabled or muted.

- Try to disable any audio software specifically for your audio adapter or other third party audio software and use the default audio controls in your operating system.

-Check the audio settings in the game or application you are using. If you have tried the steps above and the headphones or microphone are still not working, please contact Kingston technical support for assistance.

FAQ: KHX-072115-HSCC-01
My HyperX cloud headset does not work properly after updating to Windows 10. It still works OK in other systems or devices. How do I resolve this?
The update may have disabled the microphone in the Windows privacy settings. Use the following steps to re-enable the microphone.

Windows Key+I > Privacy > Microphone
1. Set allow access to the Microphone on this device
2. Allow apps to access your microphone - Make it ON
3. Choose which apps can access your Microphone - If needed make required to ON.

This may be related to the audio drivers on your computer. Please check for the latest Windows 10 drivers for your computer or motherboard from your system manufacturer's support site.

FAQ: KHX-082115-HDST-09
The headset microphone will not work in my Windows 10 computer. It works if I connect the headset to a different device. The audio adapter in the computer is RealTek. How do I resolve this?
This may be a problem with the Windows 10 update for the Realtek audio drivers. We suggest you update the drivers directly from the Realtek website. First, go to the Control Panel>device manager and go to Sound, video and game controllers section. Find Realtek High Definition Audio listed, right click on it and choose uninstall. Once this is done, go to the following page to download the updated driver.

Select High Definition Audio Codecs (software) link. Download the latest version that is correct for your Windows version and install it. You may need to restart your computer. Once this is done, plug the headset back in and test the microphone. FAQ: KHX-011218-HDST-17